Saturday, August 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Harry Potter, er...Josh!

We had a friend birthday party this year for my Josho. I do these very rarely--but this one was so fun we may just do more!!

Harry Potter is all the rage at our house these days, so Harry Potter themed party it was!  I am those thankful for friends who gave me ideas and let me borrow just about all their stuff! It turned out great!  Josh and I had fun crafting other parts of the party and Jillisa helped me too.  Love this kid!

Friends arrived with their tickets for the train, and we got right to business. Capes for all the wizards and wand picking.  Sorting came next, then it was time for classes.

Our first class required wand practice. Katelyn taught us the proper spell, then it was time for practice!

Then it was Potions with Professor Mike.  It was epic.

Quidditch!  Gryffindor VS Gryffindor.  The kids loved was awesome to watch.

Time for Divinations.  Whatever color your drink turned meant something different for your future.  Some kids will be really strong, some rich, some fast, some smart.  So cool.

Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Very serious stuff.  A REALLY tough pinata to break--Professor Mike had to help in the end!

Presents!! Our friends were incredibly generous and thougthful--Josh is in present heaven!

 Cake and Ice Cream...don't look the Basilisk in the eye!

 It was a success. We had a great afternoon and I'm glad we won't do another one of these anytime soon... ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last Camping Trip of the Summer!

What a way to send Summer off!! We LOVE camping, and with family it doesn't get any better!

My sister made this great video of our fun. It says it all--although she did miss the part where my nephew got lost and the kids all learned the power of prayer.  Love that Heavenly Father answers kids prayers!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Bathroom Redo!

All three bathrooms in our Blue Acre need a serious overhaul. One is (was) yellow, one all blue, one all pink. The plan is to gut the two bathrooms upstairs  (yellow and blue) and switch around the space, since they share a wall. But, that is down the road several years.

After prepping our Layton home to sell I decided that never again would I only fix up a space just before selling..and never get the benefits of living in a space I love!! So, even though we will be changing up the bathroom at some point, I figured I could do a little bathroom 'refresh' for cheap enough to make it worth my while.

Mike headed to scout camp this week. I stay up late when he is gone so I got the itch to redo the bathroom as a surprise. It would be tricky to get it all in, but I did it (with serious help from my parents!!)...and what's more, I LOVE it!!



I used a tile resurfacing kit (rustoleum tub and tile) to PAINT the ugly yellow bathroom tile. So slick, and looks totally legit! It was seriougly strong fumes though...I think I lost some brain cells! 

My little brother helped me with the floating shelves...oh, such a big fan!! Found the decor in my basement and at pays to be a hoarder! ;)

My parents came over and helped me raise the cabinet. 7 freaking inches!! My back already is happy!! Now it's tall person height!!

My mom spent a full day and half here helping me tile and grout the countertop. And, by help, I mean she pretty much did it all while I rode my little people to do their chores.

I painted the cabinet white and the walls gray. If I had had one more day I would have trimmed out the window and door, as well as painted the door...but time waits for no one and Mike comes home tomorrow so it's done as far as it will be. 

I feel so happy with the results and the feel of the bathroom now. Can't wait to enjoy it, and show Mike tomorrow...I think he will mostly be happy that I didn't spend any house money (it was all my saved up slush fund) and that he didn't have to do any, bwahaha!